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"I am attaching a pdf copy of the notes that I typed up and submitted to the consultants to be used in creating the Strategic Plan.  I sent an email with these notes when I submitted them essentially explaining that I did not think there was much value to them for a number of reasons. To summarize,  the time was too short, the noise was to much,  there was no time to set up the subgroup to explain what we were looking for, and it was too hard to capture fairly what anyone said.  I also felt that the comments made at the meeting did not provide any new information.  All of those points had been raised by members of the SP workgroup., and like at the workgroup, evidenced a lack of understanding of organization and the issues that we need to be addressing.
My service on the SP workgroup is my first experience working with KBOO. I was invited to participate because I have a great deal of experience and expertise in non-profit organizations, including  over thirty years of providing legal services to non-profits. During my tenure on the workgroup, I have learned that there is a great deal of dissention within KBOO, and, quite frankly, a great deal of disfunction in the organization.  I was, however,  shocked and appalled and sickened by the behavior of some of the people that came to that meeting.  Their behavior was pure and simple intimidation and violence and something that should not be tolerated in any organization, much less an organization that has emotional maturity as one of its core values - respectful, fair, honest, positive, peaceful, non-violent.
 I don't know any of these people and  I don't really know what the issues are. I do know, however,  that what I saw at that meeting was fundamentally and morally and ethically and organizationally wrong and did far more harm  than  good to KBOO.
So, I would also like to inquire of you, your purpose for requesting these notes.   What is your intention?  I seem to recall seeing you applauding the people whose behavior I found appalling.  Was my impression correct?  In either case, I would greatly appreciate hearing your take on the issues confronting KBOO and what you think are the solutions for those issues, and the proper procedures to initiate the solutions.   The Strategic Plan that the consultants have drafted goes a long way towards addressing many of the problems at KBOO, but  it also misses a lot.  Based on what I have learned so far, and what I have seen,  I don't believe it will be possible to implement any of the positive changes that the workgroup and the consultants proposed without addressing this toxic dissention that is tearing KBOO apart.
I invite your reasoned response."

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